Oh deer, look at all the dots

Oh deer, look at all the dots

An experiment in the development of tonal values and texture using only dots created with India Ink and quills


Grow your own Christmas trees: the 15 year project

Back in September I went to the world premier of ALL.I.CAN, a documentary style environmental ski film by Whistler’s very own Sherpas Cinema. At the premier they were giving away free conifer saplings to a good home. So I took three, naturally, and planted them in jars for the first few months of their lives.

Now it’s come to Christmas time and I didn’t want them to feel left out or inferior to the big Christmas tree, so I gave them their own ‘scaled down’ decorations. They’re growing up so fast. Who knows, in 15 years maybe one of them will be big enough to hold a fairy on the top.

Watch the ALL.I.CAN trailer.

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Yarn bombing for the impatient

I heart knitting. And most recently I heart knit bombing and yarn bombing – it’s beautiful, colorful and childish. But sadly, knitting takes up a fair chunk of time and I’m a rather impatient person. My impatience has a sometimes *really* inconvenient partner in crime, spontaneity. Meaning that I think up ideas for things in the blink of an eye, get really intense about the idea and how awesome it is, then get distracted and fed-up before the idea reaches fruition.

So in an attempt to prettify my new house, and curb my impatience, I have embarked on a knit bomb project of my own, but with a few modifications.

1. Instead of actually knitting a pattern the same shape as what I’d like to knit bomb (because that would take an age) I have decided simply to wrap the item in wool

2. I have chose to knit bomb an item of furniture that I use every day, so that I cannot possibly just shove in a cupboard and forget about it

This is how far it’s got in 3 weeks – I still need to tuck in the ends.

This may need some more doses of extreme concentration time.

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Drunk Octopus Wants to Fight You

I am a huge fan of guerilla art, and although ‘Drunk Octopus Wants to Fight You’ may not be as visually appealing as something like Blu’s COMBO video below, it is still a window in to the alternate mind of whoever created it. 99% of people just saw a coat hook, this person saw an aggressive drunken octopus. 100% of people who saw ‘Drunken Octopus Wants to Fight You’ will have laughed, making it a great achievement.

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The Glitch Mob

It’s that time of year when I start looking for new songs to fill up my iPod ready for the winter. Songs that instantly make you envision yourself in huge powder fields, dropping epic pillow lines and tearing off kickers in the spring.

Songs that make you feel invincible. 

The Swarm by The Glitch Mob is one of those songs. Hit play to send your imagination wild…

‘We Can Make The World Stop’ was also featured in the new GoPro Hero HD video. Watch it here, it’s like so sick dude.

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